Ox Family 1: a range of motion

It had been vaguely described to a wallpaper showroom attendant who could well have been your mother, and if she was, let her know she was pleasantly systematic about it. It had been pitched to a well-known Shakespeare critic in exchange for an acquiescent nod and a shot at some cash. It had been rolled out onto six-point-something meters of St. Laurent Boulevard at night. Pegged down with bricks and sprayed till the can tapped out. Happened upon by a girl on an apartment hunt who discovered that her first 'spread' in this city was within its spread. Made victim by water-balloon. Laughed at. Laughed upon. A contributor in the purchase of at least a month's worth of cappuccinos and bulk food. All stitched together by Aliya Pabani and Danny Spitzberg.

This issue is available online and in print (sold out!)
'Ox Family 2: if we were quieter'
soon available online and in print.