stationaery: a literary press in no-man's land. co-founded by danny spitzberg and ilya zaychik.

issue 8: infinite secrets

November 18th, 2005

Bigger and better than ever, the Launch for Issue 8 was a phenomenal evening of jazz and poetry. Thanks go to the following readers: Aliya Pabani, Jon Nussbaum, Matt Petit, Noemi Khondo, Greg Santos, Sherwin Tjia, Matt Smith, Ilya Zaychik and DA Spitzberg. Thanks! Thanks also to Patricia for being a gracious hostess and for lending her loft full to the brim with 175 people (breaking all the fire codes). Adam Kinner and company put down jazz supreme before, between, and after the poetry, and a few anonymous girls (wo)manned the (practically open) bar. Thanks to them too.

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