stationaery: a literary press in no-man's land. co-founded by danny spitzberg and ilya zaychik.

issue 6: the apple of your eye

April 10th, 2005

Issue 6 was launched at "the electric tractor", which is closing soon (RIP 2005). How many memories will it take with it? Aside from shows, like Duchess Says and Japanther, there will be Graham Van Pelt and Greg Smith, 2 singer-songwriters, and a selection of readings for "the apple of your eye". To be precise: J Martinson, Kendall Defoe, Jordan NA Fouts, Jen Goldman, Ilya Zaychik, and Daniel Spitzberg. We're glad to have been a part of tractor history. Update: Jack Dylan and friends set up Friendship Cove in 2007.

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