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co-founders: Danny Spitzberg, Ilya Zaychik
co-editors: Tom O'Hare, Sammy Loren, Aliya Pabani
creative assistants: Noemi Khondo, Sarah Hamdi, Karie Liao
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all contributors, 2004-present

__ A

Adam Jeffries Schwartz is a writer & fotographer. Dogs love him. Seriously, he’s like some kind of alpha dog king who was kidnapped at birth. adam.jeffries{at}

Aimée van Drimmelen is drawing. She grew up in the prairies and lives in Montréal, a.k.a. the Velvet Rut. She is working on a magazine called Bad Kid Stories, among other things.

AJ Frick

Alex Norden

Alexander Vail lives with his wife, Sarah, in Manhattan. They have two cats: Cowboy and Ninja. On Sunday mornings one can hear jazz music and smell coffee wafting through their apartment as they read the paper in their bathrobes. avail{at}

Alexandra Tzannidakis hails originally from Burlington, Ontario. atzann{at}

Aliya Pabani

Amul Kumar

Anca Szilágyi

Andrew Kanowsky

Andrew Ladd

Angela Leuck

Angelica Silva

Angie Thielmann: angie is currently into a phase of all-black. She has strong views on hot chocolate relative to others, meaning she likes it very chocolatey compared to the hot chocolate mixing standards of her friends. angelina.theilmann{at}

Anna Seifried

Anuta Skrypnychenko is becoming a little bit famous. Her photography was chosen for several shows, the last one SNAP. anuta_man{at}

Arlene Ang lives in Venice, Italy where she edits the Italian pages of Niederngasse. Her poetry has recently been published in Tattoo Highway, Flashquake, The Dublin Quarterly, Ghoti Magazine and Softblow Poetry Journal. Three of her poems have been nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize anthology.

Ashley Alexandra Zurawel (AAZ) likes to collect art - when she is not making her own - mostly from what other people put out as trash. The devil=6, god=7: The Scientific Attitude is dedicated to her grandfather, who always has worn, and always will wear, a fedora, even to lunch. Ashley.A.Zurawel{at}

Axel Brown plays bass, philosophizes, and organizes books in Montreal. brownaxel{at}

__ B

Barrie McClune

Bosaiya X. believes in a wide array of artistic mottos and mantras of her own accord. bosaiya{at}

Brian Henderson

Brian Pierce currently crashes his hard-featured moss green bicycle in Hiroshima, Japan. He responds if you address him as horsemess, moonmud, or prickhat. He also does not care much for fermented soybeans thank you very much now beat it. brian.pierce{at}

Bridget Lowe over-identifi es with marionettes. Her interests include bodies, food, thirst, and animals. She was recently named a winner in the 2009 Boston Review/ “Discovery” Poetry Contest and is currently completing her fi rst book of poetry. lowebridget{at}

Bryan Hoar

Bryn Symonds

__ C

Cantlin Ashrowan

Carolyn O'Neill

Chris Tucker

Christopher Barnes’ collection LOVEBITES was published in 2005 by Chanticleer Press, 6/1 Jamaica Mews, Edinburgh. What else? d142024304{at}

Claire Caldwell spends her days scribbling in the margins during lectures at McGill, and can often be found lurking in the campus newspaper office. She is searching for somebody to twirl barefoot in the grass with her. claire.caldwell{at}

Cliff Blank

Cole Perry (Mistook in Mexico) currently resides in the foothills of the Ozarks lying await for unwary Yankee travellers with a double-barrel .20 gauge shotgun and a 22-inch butterscotch dildo with which he hopes to make more believers. But tragedy is unavoidable. coleperry{at}

__ D

Danger Dan

Daniel Cambil: enjoys pictures and is a member of VSL. ( Eclectic and the owner of Fine ink and paper. He is renowned for his light rhetoric delight. : daniel{at}

Daniel Zegiel is a multi-talented artist; that is, he's got a vareity of styles. mash on the archive -

Danielle Roesch

Danny Spitzberg

Danya Sherif

Darryl Singh is sometimes possessed by an angry demon, that causes him to break cell phones in half them throw them into walls, lodging the hinges of his discontent fi rmly above his lovers head. Definitly don’t call! Send your letters to: abandsingh{at}

David Lee Black, musician and photographer captures the New England landscape in his black and white and color images. He was born and raised in Mexico, Missouri.

Debbie Geltner makes art with everything she gets her hands on.

Derek White is a ubiquitous publisher of magazines out of New York. Check out,, and

Dharma Sears taught English Literature at an international school in New Delhi, India before moving to Peru. When he is is not grimacing through another “Dharma and Greg” joke, he spends his time sunbathing on the crowded, untamed, polluted shores of the Sea of Humanity. dharmasears{at}

__ E

Ella McCrystle

Ellis Friedlander

Eve Duhamel is a Canadian artist working and living in Montreal. She creates visuals and illustrator that creates handmade work in all different kind of format from print to video and 3D installations. Her work have been exhibited in several cities around the world.

evenSteven is a Vancouver-based writer, storyteller and retired teacher who sometimes pays the bills by exercising the racehorses at Hastings Park because he prefers those animals to the ones in the highschools. Check out the website if you need a visual reference:

__ F

Fianna MacGregor

Frank Barbara

Frank Schneider

Frank Zang

Fred Jennings

__ G

Gaël Meagher

Girija Tropp is all over: childhood spent in Africa, India and Asia; short Fiction published in Agni, The Boston Review, Best Australian Stories 2005; forthcoming in Fiction International, Sleepers Almanac 2006 and Cranky amongst others; micro-fiction at Smokealong Quarterly, elimae, Margin and Café Ireal.

Graham MacDonald is strange in the most normal ways. He’s really into jazz right now. No, seriously. And risotto. Next year he will be doing another degree at McGill. It might involve phosphorous. grakmac{at}

Greg Santos has been published in Black Heart Magazine ( and has work forthcoming in Le Sash. gpsantos60{at}

__ H

Hanna Hur: raised in a born-again Christian home, now a born-again agnostic; makes pictures in various media; aspires to one day fi nd enough courage to have her wardrobe consist only of multiples of the same pieces of clothing. Favourites: black socks every day, McDonald’s softserve, plucking hairs, reclusive nights in tiny apartment.

Heather McRobie is a Montreal hopeful and a UK resident. She’s a big fan of stationaery. heather.mcrobie{at}

Hunter Jack

__ I

Ian Whitney

Ilya Zaychik

Imran Ooner

Indra Nienhaus

Isaac Betesh

Israel Charney

__ J

J.D. Smith’s second collection of poems, Settling for Beauty, was published in 2005, and his children’s book The Best Mariachi in the World will be published in 2008.

Jackson Lassiter

James Culleton is currently practicing art, music, furniture design, and baby-making in Winnipeg. “The long winters in Manitoba are ideal for two things...making art and making babies.” Contouring Quebec, Culleton’s 1st book, rediscovers his French roots using blind contour drawing and a GPS.

James Kieran McGonnell lives in an alternate universe where everything is sunny, no-one talks to you, there are films and books about great people who are just like me and the world is full of animals, birds and flowers. Jump right in, the waters fine!

James Stagg

Jason Grabowski was born in Manhattan, 1978. He lives in Brooklyn and can be found sitting alone on a stoop, drinking coffee and fervently writing and drawing in a small notebook. For the past two years, his paintings and drawings have been shown in San Francisco and New York: jay_grabowski{at}

Jenna Wakani

Jeremy Taylor spent his boyhood years/in ottawa and the surrounding cottage country./ he also spent/ five years/ in kitchener-waterloo,/ where he commandeered a degree/ in english/ and drama/ and a few awards/ (including one for poetry)./ he thinks mostly about/ traveling and words/ and pictures and/ hockey./ he now lives in montreal. jeremy.bp.taylor{at}

Jeremy Young: “Listen Pal...” “Woah, hold it Don Johnson, don’t talk to my friend like that.” “Yeah, well scum like your friend here shouldn’t be terrorizing my streets!” “you’re a goddamn wuss, you know that?” comet.meteor{at}

Jesse P lives in Brooklyn, NY playing music and lives off the kindness of others and ramen noodles. Sometimes he draws and paints too. You can see some of his projects here:

Joe Galván runs two zines and practically hitchhiked to school. His main inspirations are John Cage and new music, but he's also been know to have forays into the graphic arts and cinema. philomel2003{at}

Jon Nussbaum says: me. ‘I’m-an-ironic-dead-beat’, I-might-as-well-just-out-with-it… what a catastrophe! That’s my personality in short, my hobbies-include-soccer, hackeysack and also just neat stuff! In general…also, I-happen to-know an-assortment-of pretty-useless-things. (also too, a-play-in-short based on ninja-turtles: “lets go save everyone then have some pizza” “yeah, cowabunga man!”) n.b. repent? high_way_61{at}

Jon Petro paints with oil paints on canvas. A man of simple words. And fragments of sentances.

Jon Yu is surprisingly refreshing in contrast to the laissez-faire dynamics of the post-modern urban atmosphere. He will be holding a solo show of his work exploring quanta between “you” and “i” in the months to follow; keep the ears to the rails. Jean.leSinge{at}

Jonathan Thakray

Jordan Farmer

Jordan NA Fouts is now working furiously on a movie project that would do for spacemen what Brokeback Mountain did for cowboys. Look for Brokeback Nebula at your local art-house cinema. alan.smithee{at}

Joseph Baldwin, artist, currently resides in Chicago and is the author of the upcoming release Paper Mirro. Baldwin is currently continuing his studies in film at the University of Illinois at Chicago and also has a personal online gallery space (!)

Joseph Shragge wrote a play, The Scavenger's Daughter, and then it was performed at the Roy Street Collective.

Josh Cook works as a bookseller at Porter Square Books and lives in Somerville, Ma. His work has previously appeared in The Onion River Review, The Owen Wister Review, The Old Revolution, and Epicenter. He is also a contributor to Wicked Hawt Magazine. josh.cook1{at}

Josh Feldman

Joshua Cohen’s books are The Quorum (TSP, 2005), Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto (FSP, 2007), Aleph-Bet: An Alphabet for the Perplexed (Six Gallery, 2007), A Heaven of Others (Starcherone Books, 2008). He lives in Brooklyn, NY. joshuacohen1{at}

JR Carpenter is a poet, fiction write, web artist and recent winner of the CBC Québec short story competition. Check out her latest writing and web art projects on

Julia McClenon

Juliette Vignon

__ K

K. Biadaszkiewicz’ poetry, prose, & scripts have appeared in Margie, Natural Bridge, Gihon River Review, Out of Line, & several anthologies, including Best American Short Plays (Applause Books). Her plays have been produced in the US & EU, & published by Brooklyn Brookpublishing{at} and Heuer

Kajsa Sexton

Karie Liao

Katya Makovik

Kelli Brat is 1/2 of MulletPony, a 2-person visual hybrid specializing in paintings-gone-wild and aesthetic-screams-in-the-night. Find them in the eye of paint-penned, glue-sticked hurricane, india ink in their teeth & black unicorn magic in their dreams.

Kenall Defoe

Kendra Larson (b. 1981, Salem, Oregon) is a painter, gallery owner, and art instructor living in Madison, WI. Larson's work plays with the stories a place can tell and presents the viewer with a futuristic psychological rollercoaster to maneuver.

Kieran McGonnell: ‘I will arise and go now, and go to Inishfree, and a small cabin build there of clay and wattles made: Nine bean rows will i have there and a hive for the honey bee and live alone in a bee loud glade’,

Kiley Goyette: from the mediocre middleground that is niether city nor country mouse, she looks at the sky and the sky and the sky. Using photography as a crutch for her art, nothing pleases more than a good demoreel from the motiongraphics firms of tomorrow.

__ L

Laura Vladimirova gets confused when writing in the third person; it’s like there are two cute little elves having a conversation in her head. one is named laura vladimirova, the other chooses to remain anonymous. They help her write poetry, bike ride, and make eggs. Except, they don’t really exist--do they? Help at dirtykiev{at}

Lawrence Pettener lives in Bristol, England. Ted Hughes and Attila the Stockbroker have praised his work. He has been headlining readings for years. Currently completing M.A in Creative Writing at Bath Spa. stripyc{at}

Lee Crickman is in poetry for the easy money. Her life goals include fl ashing bling, throwing down fl iff, and burning fat stacks of cash to stay warm.

Lee Tipton is a History and Literature Student at McGill. He has written for Steps Magazine and a few local zines, as well as photographed for the latter. He struggles every day to stop pigeonholing everyone named Corey. leetipton{at}

Lisa Gratz

Lori Romero is a poet and fiction writer currently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Finishing Line Press just published her first poetry chapbook, Wall to Wall. Her poetry and short stories have been published in 9+ reputable journals. lori{at}

Lou Kosak is a fairly healthy young fellow, who grew up in the northeastern woods and walked the hard line between techy drone and pinecone-eating hippy. He’s worked for startup companies such as the long-ago acquired eCamp, the recently acquired Thriva, and the modern day He’s a long-time dabbler in the street art community and he can count backwards from zero. lkosak{at}

__ M

Marie Lecrivain is the executive editor of poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles. She’s a 2nd-level denizen of Dante’s Inferno, and is a writer in residence at her apartment.

Martin Reisch

Mary Jane (MJ) Caro organizes narrative events at a secret location in Old Montreal, photo-meanders, and tries not to add the letter ‘e’ to the word artist. She can often be found at the Blue Monday cafe in Verdun, being trounced at Scrabble & their chipotle brownies.

Mary Mary: photographer, also a musician. She played guitar with her band in Orlando. And, she was in Bruce Springsteen’s “Secret Garden” video (the asian girl in the red room).

Matt Holdaway publishes the anthology A Multitude of Voices, organizes the variety show A Night of Voices, and lectures on the history of publishing and how to make a zine. Samples of his work can be seen at

Matthew Hollett

Matthew Leon Grinshpun once thought he saw a unicorn. Later, he discovered that it was a pony with a party hat. He has since memorized several songs by Reel2Real and Sir Mixalot.

Matthew Taplinger

Megan Lee is an English Lit. undergrad at McGill, with a rich collection of pipe dreams and a penchant for doovers. lee.narziss{at}

Melissa Reiter

Michael Audi

Michael Hunt

Michael Jarrette-Kenny

Michael R. Allen

Michelle Dabrowski

Michelle Gibson

Michelle Kaffko

Mike Beard is proof of the small, connected world, since he is friends with Harris Newman, and, by association, knows how this city is run 100%. myklb72{at}

Mike Lake

Mike Twohig

__ N

N Pariser was raised in Northern Montreal by a pack of wild wolves. This is her first time being published in a genuine, bona fide, electrified Magazine.

Nadja Sayej

Nathan Baker interns at a literary press in Toronto, the other no man’s land. He has been the recipient of the Chester Macnaghten Prize from McGill University and a participant in The Banff Centre’s Wired Writing Studio, 2007. bakernathanjames{at}

Nathan Leslie

Nathaniel G. Moore

Nelson Agustin graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines Fine Arts, and worked in advertising, graphic design, publishing, and web media. He mounted major photography exhibits in Manila in 2003 before moving to Vancouver the following year.

Nick Phelps

Noemi Khondo is a poetess, and enjoys reading (to herself and aloud, in front of people, behind a microphone). noemi.khondo{at}

__ O

Olivia Cronk thinks about moles, lakes, and beaks in Chicago. She can stitch a mean sack-dress and unsplice a comma and hot-glue a miniature horse to a dried fl ower. She and her husband are planning a stand-up comedy routine to be done in Victorian night-clothes, with lanterns. Email material to oliviacronk{at}

__ P

Patrick Eamonn

Paul A. Toth’s second novel, Fishnet, was be published in July 2005. His first, Fizz, is available now. The third will also have a title beginning with “F”. He doesn’t know what this means but is now accepting donations for psychotherapy at

Paul Kremsky lives in the US capital, Chicago, is a firm believer in rock and roll, and will disappear if you say his name backwards. pkremsky{at}

Peter Teigland

__ Q, R

Raquel Rivera lives in Montreal with her husband and son. Since graduating with a degree in visual arts from Toronto’s York University (lo these many years ago) Raquel has taught English in Barcelona, did paste-up in Toronto, wrote copy in Singapore, freelanced in Kuala Lumpur and wrote more copy in Washington DC.

Rob Kunkle

Robert Klein Engler lives in Chicago and sometimes in New Orleans. He has taught at various schools, and urges you to google his name to find out about his various trials and tribulations. RKleinEngler{at}

Roxana Cazan was born in the communist Romania, 25 years ago, in a family that experienced transformation with every generation. She is currently finishing her MA at the University of Louisville, where she also teaches English Composition and Creative Writing. roxanacazan1313{at}

Salvatore Difalco has a collection Black Rabbit & Other Stories (Anvil Press) out this May. He lives near the thundering Falls of Niagara where an overabundance of negative ions more than makes up for any hearing loss. What? sdifalco{at}

__ S

Samantha Mirlesse is a slightly frantic but kindly gitane. She daydreams her passions to save her from the mundane student life, and every few weeks she purchases another pair of oversized mysterious jackie onassis sunglasses that she then proceeds to break somehow, by accident. This is a tendency she is trying to overcome.

Sammy Loren

Sarah Chiddy

Sarah Hamdi

Sarah Richards

Sean Michaels co-edits the musicblog Said The Gramaphone. He lives in Edinburgh and Montreal. sean.michaels{at}

Shawn Kuruneru was born 1984 in Toronto, Ontario and currently lives and works in Montreal. He has shown in Brooklyn, Montreal, Windsor, Toronto, and forthcoming San Francisco. gasoline_gut{at}

Shepard McCallum was raised by a pack of wild hippies in the Big Sky country of Montana. He now lives in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Paste & Destroy! shepardsound{at}

sm piotrowski

Solenne Thompson

Sydney Hart was born one cold night in an empty Saharan valley a quarter of a century ago, and has always been interested in World’s Fairs, Olympic celebrations, and freeways. hartsydney{at}

__ T

Tom O’Hare is in Montreal, and will soon have a new (awesome) band, will soon be published on a new website (, and will soon be in possession of a useless degree. Email him at tomohare3{at}

__ U

Uzodinma Okehi lives, breathes and writes in New York City. For a free issue of his zine, No-Dachi Comics, hit him up at: Okehi{at}

__ V

Vadim Bystritski. When deployed Bystritski/ sends long letters to his friends and relatives/ Naturally he does not leave out either his wife or mistress/ Like all the military he operates in secrecy/ not disclosing all that happens/ But on an occasion he cannot quite remember to whom/ he wrote and what/ Fortunately his wife and mistress are best friends/ and one can always tell the other about/ whatever he had omitted in his letters. vadimbystritski{at}

Vanessa Morrell

__ W

Wayne Scheer has locked himself in a room with his computer and pet turtle since his retirement. (Wayne’s not the turtle’s.) To keep from going back to work, he’s published hundreds of short stories and essays, including, Revealing Moments, a collection of twenty-four fl ash stories, available at Pear Noir

Wayne Wolfson

__ X, Y

Ynès Wu

__ Z

Zdravka Evtimova lives in Bulgaria where there are wonderful gardens. She is fond of inventing chracters for each garden she has seen, and tends to put these chracters in short stories. So gardens and stories, rains and arid lands meet sometimes in her short stories, other times her short stories go hungry because it is winter and there is no fruit. zevtimova{at}

ziggy cn

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