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the archive(s): issue no. 4 - ape man fire stick

the launch for "ape man fire stick" took place at Cafe Esperanza/ Pharmacie Esperanza (5490 St. Laurent). there were surprise goodies, notably, the dog supplement mini-zines. music credits go to Tris K. for spinning great stuff (though some said not enough funk).

art supplies of all crazy kinds were provided, as Louis Rastelli, editor of Fish Piss, had agreed to let us try and whip up arts, crafts, 'zines and knick-knacks. why? because the fire-code-breaking launch for the 4th DISTROBOTO in Montreal took place the night before at Cafe Esperanza. the Distroboto is an olde-style cigarette machine that people can stock with all sorts things and keep almost all the sales money. Check out the distroboto info page.

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